Dr. Gautam Mukhopadhyay

Personal Details
Name: Dr. Gautam Mukhopadhyay
Age: 47 yrs
Address: 61/A, Jodhpur Park (2nd floor), Kolkata-700068
Contact No.: +91 33 2463-1986 / +91 33 2465-4576 (Clinic), 98313 69422 / 98316 89050 (M)
Specialty: Surgical Oncology
Educational Qualifications
M.B.B.S. (Cal), ’86, Medical College Bengal, University of Calcutta
M.S. (General Surgery), ’91, University of Mumbai
Certified Training in Surgical Oncology at Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai
Present Status
Working as Head, Dept. of Surgical Oncology, Ruby General Hospital, Kolkata.
Certified Training in Surgical Oncology
In Dept. of Surgical Oncology, Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai between February ’88 to September ‘93
Post Graduate Student - 1 yr 6 months
Junior Resident Surgeon - 1 yr
Senior Resident Surgeon - 2 yrs
Clinical fellow- 6 months
Specially trained in head and neck, breast, gastro-intestinal, thoracic and reconstructive services.
Academic Achievements
National Scholar ’79 from St. Xavier’s School, Kolkata
Gold Medallist in Forensic and State Medicine, Medical College Bengal in ’83
Selected as fellow, Head and Neck Reconstructive Surgery, TMH Mumbai in ‘91
Participated in National and International conferences including
1. UICC, New Delhi `94 and Oslo ‘02
2. ASCO, San Francisco ‘01
3. ECCO, Copenhagen ‘03
4. IFHNOS, Mumbai ‘08
‘Use of Psorinum in Treatment of Cancer’, Oral Oncology, Vol-6, Page- 297-300
Otolaryngology, June ’03, ‘Voice Restoration After Total Laryngectomy by TEP’, Page-11-15
Laryngectomee Club Journal, March ’99, Near Total Laryngectomy, Page- 14-16 and march ’04, Lifestyle Disease Cancer, Page- 34-34
Working at Kolkata
Worked as Senior Resident Surgeon, Thakurpukur Cancer Hospital for two years, October ’93 to October ’95.
Working as Consultant Surgical Oncologist in private practice at Kolkata since November ’95 at
1. Ruby General Hospital
2. A.M.R.I. Cancer Centre
3. Woodlands Hospital
4. E.E.D.F.
Worked as Head, Dept. of Surgical Oncology at Subodh Mitra Cancer Hospital for two years.
Worked at A.M.R.I., Dhakuria for the last four years. Was In-charge, Head and Neck Oncology. Set up CO2 laser surgery unit at A.M.R.I.
The following outdoor clinics were set up-
1. Cancer Pain Clinic
2. Stoma Clinic
Performed procedures like N.T.L. (Near Total Laryngectomy) and T.E.P. (Tracheo-oesopharyngeal Puncture) for the first time in Kolkata.
Social Activities
Working with various N.G.O.s for cancer awranes and preventive oncology.
Vice-president, Friends Foundation of Asia, which has set up a HOSPICE (Home for terminally ill cancer patients) at Karbala, Sonarpur
Trustee, Fight Cancer, an organization helping poor cancer patients.
Member, IMA (Bengal) and ISO (Indian Society of Oncology), Mimbai.
Future Plans
Set up a Dept. of Surgical Oncology following the concept of TMH, Mumbai.
To establish Head and Neck Oncology as a speciality in Kolkata.

Cancer Prevention Diet

»   Be Clean

»   Increase Agility

»   Stay Away from Junks

»   Eat Plant-based Food

»   Red-meat Alert

»   Liquor Control

»   Tobacco Threat

»   Limit Salt Intake

»   Don’t Bank on Pills